Atop our main studio floor in Old 4th Ward, Atlanta, there is a room. It once roomed Fraser and his pet rat. Later, it belonged to a wonderful painter named Devin. Years after, its fate dictated it become a grand Carbon Film meeting room. In the interim, it is empty, dark, ominous, and the stage setting for a solo acoustic performance by The Dirty Nil’s Luke Bentham.

Luke performed three songs, including one cover by the wonderful John Prine. Check these out below, which stand as a beautiful alternative to the rock band’s typical loud and bearing stage presence.

Public /\ Radio Episode 117, “Wrestle Yü to Husker Dü”

Public /\ Radio Episode 118, “Little Metal Baby Fist”

Public /\ Radio Episode 117, “Please Don’t Bury Me (by John Prine)

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In a small hovel two blocks East of Edgewood, Atlanta hip hop / ethereal beat producer Alec Owen (aka AyOh) sets up in a large red corduroy armchair. Five feet across the way slouches articulately vulgar Michael Myerz, calmly holding the SM58, waiting for the rap to start.

Check out their videos with Public Radio Sessions below. Subscribe for our monthly additions.

Public /\ Radio Episode 114, “Groovy Sauce Platinum”

Public /\ Radio Episode 115, “Sweet Creams”

Public /\ Radio Episode 116, “Doobie Blasters”


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Premiere art, boutique, and consignment establishment Paris on Ponce allowed Public Radio Sessions to set up on their Beltline dock to film a special couple episodes with Charly Bliss of Brooklyn, New York.

In town to play The Masquerade, they only had a couple tight hours to load in and loud out before their evening load in and eventual later load out. They snuck in a couple songs for our purposes though, which you can view below.

Public /\ Radio Episode 112, “Gatorade”

Public /\ Radio Episode 113, “Ruby”

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Daikaiju is one of those bands you cannot look away from beginning the second they pick up their instruments. We had the pleasure of stealing these guys for a quick on-the-fly Public Radio, utilizing the Atlanta docks just off of the beltline in the Old Fourth Ward.

Despite the scrutiny from a business nearby, we, along with the public couldn’t get enough of the explosive and energetic vibe that this ‘revival surf rock’ brought to the table.

Due to the chance of police arrival, the band quickly played through all four of their delicately raucous songs. Check out the full performance below:

Public /\ Radio Episode 111, Four Songs w/ Daikaiju

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The music scene in Atlanta is thriving, but few engage, distort, and perform with the skill and casual energy of Jock Gang. Despite being led with vocals by Jared Collins, the five-piece performs on an equal playing field, each member intrical in their own fashion.

Public Radio Sessions caught up with Jock Gang at the home of Jared and Kimberly Collins, filming the band perform a quiet (for them) set around a table set for brunch. They perform “Coke Wall” off their upcoming LP and psychedelic “Tell Me About It Pt. 1” off older “EP.” Watch below.

Public /\ Radio Episode 109, “Coke Wall”

Public /\ Radio Episode 110, “Tell Me About It Pt. 1”

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WorldWideWonders brings a wonderfully unique flavor into the raw world of underground Hip-Hop, creating a humorous and controversial environment. Since their latest album release titled “Satire”, the group is focusing on the evolution of their sound, as well as the eye-opening impact of their content.

Check out our three videos with WorldWideWonders below:

Public /\ Radio Episode 106, “Ay Yo”

Public /\ Radio Episode 107, “G.O.P”

Public /\ Radio Episode 108,  “Scraped Up”

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Right before we filmed Valley Queen we filmed a great soul / rock band Love & The Zealous (also part of the Jam in the Van crew). Instead of a car show, we got a firetruck show, with new firefighters doing drivers training, weaving through traffic cones, and splashing their big ‘ol fire hose in the parking lot.

Below are a couple videos with Love & the Zealous. Enjoy.

Public /\ Radio Episode 104, “No Diggity”

Public /\ Radio Episode 105, “Rhythm on My Mind”

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SPORTS marks our return with season two of Public Radio Sessions. We are especially excited, since we are finally releasing content that we filmed toward the end of first seasons, in the sunny summer of July 2016.

SPORTS‘, part of Father/Daughter Record’s excellent catalogue of burgeoning musicians, second full-length album, All of Something, is a catchy tribute to doubts and triumphs of youth. Their more recent release Sunchokes hosts “Tiny Planets” in our video release as well. This release offers a similar collection of hook-filled numbers, more affected with filters and effects—a maturation for the band.

Check out our three videos with SPORTS below:

Public /\ Radio Episode 101, “Getting On”

Public /\ Radio Episode 102, “Tiny Planets”

Public /\ Radio Episode 103,  “Dripping” & “Washing Machine”

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NEW MADRID pt. 2 (and 100th Episode!)

New_Madrid Part 2 Blog Photo
Photo by Michael Morales

Since our launch of Public Radio Sessions in late August of last year, we’ve somehow managed to keep up with our weekly release schedule, on top of our production company’s constant flow of commercial and media work. Today marks the release of our 100th episode, and we are very excited to share with you the 3rd, 2-part video of New Madrid‘s “Not Up to Me” and “36 Grams of Sugar.”

These two songs come off of their recently released magnetkingmagnetqueen. Check it out, it’s a really good album. Spotify link here. Support the artist and purchase!

Public /\ Radio Episode 100, “Not Up to Me” + “36 Grams of Sugar”

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Quiet Hollers Blog Photo

The first video sessions of Savannah Stopover bring us up to episode 99! Quiet Hollers put on an awesome show in the video game-laden, VHS rental portion of the Graveface Records store.

Running through a few tracks off their 2015 self-titled LP, Quiet Hollers demonstrated a keen adaptation to our acoustic needs, picking up acoustic bass, a violin, a mini guitar, and a snare-like percussion box. Check out “I’m So Abhorred,” “Aviator Shades,” and “Côte d’Azur” below.

Public /\ Radio Episode 97, “I’m So Abhorred”

Public /\ Radio Episode 98, “Aviator Shades”

Public /\ Radio Episode 99, “Côte d’Azur”

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