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The final Public Radio Session filmed at Savannah Stopover featured a very stripped-down set from a normally very plugged in band. That band is Your Friend, based out of Kansas, led by singer and songwriter Taryn Miller.

Positioned along the riverside railing in the historic downtown district of Savannah, GA, they performed with one drum, two battery powered synths, acoustic guitar and a borrowed acoustic bass. Passersby got to listen in for a few of the tracks, including a visit from Alex G and a swaddle of baby carriages.

Public /\ Radio Episode 94, “Come Back from It”

Public /\ Radio Episode 95, “Gumption”

Public /\ Radio Episode 96, “Heathering”

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At the end of a long day of filming we met up with Athens rock group New Madrid at Sulfer Studios in Savannah, GA. Upon first glance it looked like we had wandered into some sort of funeral home. Little did we know, we had the pleasure of filming these guys in front of and art exhibit by SCAD Alumn, Finn Schult.

In town only a few days for Savannah Stopover, these kind gents gave us one hell of a performance. Check out their first lil’ diddy “Forest Gum” below:

Public /\ Radio Episode 92, “Forest Gum”

Public /\ Radio Episode 93, “Charlie’s Party”

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Bird Laww Blog Photo

It was a little while ago, but we’ve finally got the release squared away and set for Atlanta’s own Bird Laww. Positioned throughout the living room of Matt Kreisher (of Sleep Dance), the Bird Laww crew set up their guitars, bass and kit for a short but sweet rock out; they even gave us an intro and verse to Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy”—see if you can find it 😉

Videos below. Check out Bird Laww on Soundcloud.

Public /\ Radio Episode 89, “In My Sleep”

Public /\ Radio Episode 90, “Morning”

Public /\ Radio Episode 91, “Nothing”

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French Horn Rebellion - 2014 press art - Photo Credit: Haley Ballard
French Horn Rebellion – 2014 press art – Photo Credit: Haley Ballard

Had the pleasure to work with French Horn Rebellion. Filmed inside House of Strut, during the final day’s activities of Savannah Stopover festival in Savannah, GA. Rob’s valve broke, he wore a whole new wardrobe and the rest of the band grooved along to the french horn’s (and cd player’s) tunage.

Feel the beats:

Public /\ Radio Episode 87, “Foolin’ Around”

Public /\ Radio Episode 88, “This Moment”

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100 Watt Hose Blog Photo
Photo by Emory Goocher

Last week, 100 Watt Horse released an EP that has received considerable acclaim, titled It May Very Well Do—available to purchase via Bandcamp.

We filmed them a few weeks prior in the grand, beautiful Constitution Lakes of Atlanta, GA (way down Moreland, a bit past the Starlite Drive-in). They played a number of songs, three of which we have videos for below. 100 Watt is about to head out on tour, so if they are making their way through your city, stop by and check them out. They make beautiful music together.

Public /\ Radio Episode 83, “You Were the Last Thing on My Mind”

Public /\ Radio Episode 84, “Ardnacrusha”

Public /\ Radio Episode 85, “Terrible Life Decisions”

Public /\ Radio Episode 86, “Atlantimals”

4/2 Nashville, TN @ Charlie Bob’s East Nashville
4/3 Atlanta, GA @ The Mammal Gallery
4/4 Athens, GA @ the rooftop of the Georgia Theatre
4/5 Birmingham, AL @ Desert Island Supply Co.
4/6 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s
4/7 Tallahassee, FL @ HOUSE SHOW
4/8 Macon, GA @ Fresh Produce Records and The Hummingbird
4/11 Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records
4/12 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
4/13 Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
4/14 Baltimore, MD @ The Crown
4/17 Saylorsburg, PA @ The Mune
4/18 Boston, MA @ TBA
4/20 Providence, RI @ AURORA
4/22 Hamden, CT @ The Space
4/23 @ BARD College

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Mothers Blog Photo

While covering the Savannah Stopover Music Festival—a small, little punk sister to the now-saturated, industry infiltrated SXSW—for Los Angeles-based FLOOD Magazine (you can read the article here), we also managed to grab more than a few artists for Public Radio Sessions. The artists sessions will trickle out over the next two months, retaining are weekly Monday release schedule.

The artists that we filmed (in alphabetical order): French Horn Rebellion, Mothers, New Madrid, Quiet Hollers, Weekender, Your Friend.

For Mothers, a shoot on the first day of the festival (before the fest even started), we filmed in the outside courtyard area of the very cool and well-priced vintage clothing store, House of Strut. Thanks especially to Erica Jarman and her assistant Samantha for all their help throughout the weekend. Also thanks to Ryan and Michelle of Graveface Records and Noisy Ghost PR.

Mothers set up with expedience; they knew what they were doing and they were one of the bands that absolutely nailed a perfect performance of songs off their recent release, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired. Songs and videos below. Check out that crisp sunset and beautiful mirroring of Kristine and Superwoman mmmhmh.

These videos premiered via FLOOD Magazine.

Public Radio Episode 81, “Fat Chance” & “No Crying in Baseball”

Public Radio Episode 82, “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t”

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Valley Queen Blog Photo

This is one of the band’s Jam in the Van reached out to us to film. Valley Queen and Love & The Zealous. Very flattering, thanks JitV!!

We brought both bands out on a sunny Sunday (one of the first of the year) to a large parking lot—the same one that provides parking the VEO Thrift Store, where we filmed Strung Like a Horse back in September.

So, the plan all along was to film Valley Queen in the vast parking lot, which is always empty, no cars. Or so we thought. We happened to film at the day and time when a fairly ghetto car show, full of souped up cars—essentially muscles and ghetto classics. Instead of just having them in the background though, we got the low and high riders to circle around the band to give a bit of a backdrop to the video setting. So, yeah… check ’em out! Valley Queen was so good too. An acoustic set with the most beautiful waving vocals.

Public /\ Radio Episode 78, “My Man”

Public /\ Radio Episode 79, “High Expectations”

Public /\ Radio Episode 80, “Be My Baby” (The Ronettes cover)

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Ancient Whales Blog Photo

The second show to take place at the Public Radio house, after Small Reactions, was Asheville-based, self-proclaimed flower punk band Ancient Whales. I guess you could consider it flowery. Not so sure. Super rad group either way, really put forth some great live energy.

The three-piece set up in the unfinished portion of our basement for a quick and dirty run through of their short, hard hitting songs, also treating us to a cover of George Harrison’s “You Know What To Do”.

Check ’em out below. And check out the band’s recorded music at Owlphabet.

Public /\ Radio Episode 75, “To Be”

Public /\ Radio Episode 75, “You Know What To Do”

Public /\ Radio Episode 75, “Stick N Poke” & “Oh Yeah”

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Dots Blog Photo 2
photo my Michael Morales

Oh how the weeks fly by. It seems amazing, we were counting today and in just over 6 months we’ve released one short of 75 videos.

This week we premiere young Atlanta band Dot.s, who performed in the upstairs area of the Mammal Gallery, right after the “Shit Show.” Watch the electronic slow-build pop/rock band play a few tracks, including “Palms,” “So Reticent,” and “Touched Too Much.” Killer too killer y’all.

On another note, we’ve changed our Twitter name from PublicRadioLive to the far more representative PubRadSeshVids 😉 Also our new Instagram handle is Public.Radio. Follow us for news and whatnots! The videos with Dot.s:

Public /\ Radio Episode 72, “Palms”

Public /\ Radio Episode 73, “So Reticent”

Public /\ Radio Episode 74, “Touched Too Much”

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