Atop our main studio floor in Old 4th Ward, Atlanta, there is a room. It once roomed Fraser and his pet rat. Later, it belonged to a wonderful painter named Devin. Years after, its fate dictated it become a grand Carbon Film meeting room. In the interim, it is empty, dark, ominous, and the stage setting for a solo acoustic performance by The Dirty Nil’s Luke Bentham.

Luke performed three songs, including one cover by the wonderful John Prine. Check these out below, which stand as a beautiful alternative to the rock band’s typical loud and bearing stage presence.

Public /\ Radio Episode 117, “Wrestle Yü to Husker Dü”

Public /\ Radio Episode 118, “Little Metal Baby Fist”

Public /\ Radio Episode 117, “Please Don’t Bury Me (by John Prine)

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