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This is one of the band’s Jam in the Van reached out to us to film. Valley Queen and Love & The Zealous. Very flattering, thanks JitV!!

We brought both bands out on a sunny Sunday (one of the first of the year) to a large parking lot—the same one that provides parking the VEO Thrift Store, where we filmed Strung Like a Horse back in September.

So, the plan all along was to film Valley Queen in the vast parking lot, which is always empty, no cars. Or so we thought. We happened to film at the day and time when a fairly ghetto car show, full of souped up cars—essentially muscles and ghetto classics. Instead of just having them in the background though, we got the low and high riders to circle around the band to give a bit of a backdrop to the video setting. So, yeah… check ’em out! Valley Queen was so good too. An acoustic set with the most beautiful waving vocals.

Public /\ Radio Episode 78, “My Man”

Public /\ Radio Episode 79, “High Expectations”

Public /\ Radio Episode 80, “Be My Baby” (The Ronettes cover)

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